Do I really need Title Insurance?

For a one time premium, you can have peace of mind that the home you purchase is protected from forged Deeds, unreleased Liens, undisclosed but recorded environmental Liens, just to name a few.

Title Insurance is unique and insures the past, not the future. There are two types of Title Insurance. Standard and an Enhanced Policy, which First American Title Insurance Company calls an “Eagle Policy.” See the comparison of the coverage below.

Coverage Ultra Standard Ultra Eagle
1. A Third party claims an interest in the title X X
2. Improperly executed document  X X
3. Pre-policy forgery, fraud, or duress  X X
4. Defective recording of documents  X X
5. Non-recorded restrictive covenants  X X
6. Liens not disclosed in the policy  X X
7. Unmarketability of title  X X
8. Mechanic’s liens claims X
9. Forced removal of structure because it:
a. extends on to other land or on to an easement
b. violates a restrictive covenant in Schedule B
c. violates an existing zoning law
10. Land cannot be used for SFD(Single family dwelling) because use violates a restriction in Schedule B or a zoning ordinance X
11. Unrecorded Easements X
12. Rights under unrecorded leases X
13. Building permit violations X
14. Subdivision map act violations X
15. Restrictive covenant violations result in
a. loss of title
b. inability to obtain a loan or close a sale
c. loss due to enforcement
16. Enhanced vehicular & pedestrian access X
17. Map not consistent with legal description X
18. Post policy forgery X
19. Post policy encroachment onto the insured land X
20. Post policy structural damage from mineral extraction X
21. Post policy living trust coverage X
22. Post policy automatic increase in coverage to 125% X

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